reality fractures. [[Is this just an illusion?]] [[She barely knew your name.]]reality melts away showing your real world. [[That I've made inside my head to get me by?]] [[I'm the blade.]]you're just a city [[She's just a dirt road]] [[All the way from where we came.]] your head spins as the real reality comes back. [[Twenty years in debt...]] [[All the way from where we came.]]you are. [[You're the knife.]] [[Early morning.]]yes. [[Stab]]yes. [[Take me over]] [[Free]] your debts are repaid. [[Twenty years in the government...]] [[She barely knew your name.]] we are far away. [[Built a mansion in a day.]] [[Free]] you are out. [[Twenty years can never get me by.]] [[Free]]i feel you close. [[Free]] [[Love is a polaroid.]] alive. you're alive. you're uninhibited. you're beautiful! [[Omicron Fission Event]]explosion. [[I am the color of boom.]]no. [[Love is a polaroid.]] [[She barely knew your name.]] $name I love you... [[Order your fine horses...]] [[Come with me and we will run away!!!]](set: $name to prompt("Your name.","Christine"))(set: $myname to prompt("My name.","The Phantom")) (if: $name is not "")[hello $name. [[begin|Untitled Passage]]]i will be with them at the door. [[And soon, you'll be beside me]] [[Love never dies.]]run with me. [[ABERDEEEEEN IN THE WIIIIND IN THE FIIEEELLD POOOOOTTTTAAAAATTTTTTOOOOOOOO]] [[yes.]]I'll guard you and I'll g-- [[Dead.]]tonight i gave you my soul and now i am dead. [[Dead.]]The End. [[Illusion|Untitled Passage 1]]YOU WILL CURSE THE DAY YOU DID NOT DOOOOOOOOOOO ALLL THAT $myname ASKED OF YOU!!!! [[Dead.]] dying. [[Kiss me one last time...]] [[Dead.]] [[Dead.]] distant lightning. [[Thunder Claps]] [[I'm scared.]]blow down the walls of your cage [[Free]] [[Dead.]] i am here. [[Free]] no. [[Dead.]] i will free you from your cage. [[Free]] [[Dead.]]