Twine Stories

Ooh, look, sparkly twine stories!

Light in the Darkness--it really has no plot.

Elsker--be the computer's love. Or die, I guess... Or both?

Book Review/Theme Project--it's a theme project for school based off of Rae Carson's The Girl of Fire and Thorns.

Fictality (Part 1)--a Broken Age based interactive fiction in which you are dumped onto Shay's spaceship.

Ignore this one. It's just CSS testing.

Tone Project--a project for AP Lit. Won't make sense without the presentation, probably...

Undertale Battle System (Kinda)--partially unfinished and more than a little buggy. A proof of concept, really.

Timshel--a short explorations of the different ways East of Eden could have ended. Made for AP Lit.

Biology Quiz--a review quiz made for biology class.

The Music Hall--A story celebrating 7 years of choir.

A Potions Class Game--based on Harry Potter, with multiple ways to fail.

Honors Project--a final project for one of my college classes.

The Music Advocacy Resource Center--a music education resource that was also made for a college class.

Vocal Practice Guide--another resource made for classes, intended to walk you through practicing for voice.

A Better Example of the UT Battle System--an actually finished, somewhat updated version of the UT Battle System, in which you fight Candle Grandma.

Aria--a game in which you find yourself stranded in The Void and help a child locate their friend.